7 Tips To Stop Thieves From Using Your Phone

You have lost a phone to thieves before. The experience is very bitter. Annoyingly, the phone will disappear without your knowledge. After the phone has grown wings, that is it and many of us scarcely do anything about it. We just move on.

Meanwhile, the phone thief is confidently using your phone calling your friends and demanding for money. Many have fallen victim to this theft. Here are seven ways to stop thieves from using your mobile phone.

  1. Call your phone

If you have lost a traditional (non-smart) phone that does not have Internet connectivity, you won’t be able to track the phone online and will have to use other methods. Begin by calling the phone. If you are lucky, the person who stole your phone may answer.

Alternately, if your phone has simply been misplaced (e.g. on a taxi seat or a subway car), someone may answer who can meet you at a location to exchange the phone.

If you call your phone and someone answers, say “Hello, this is [your name], and you’re holding my cell phone. The phone is important to me and I need to get it back; is there a location where we can meet and exchange the phone?”

2.  Text the phone

Even if no one answered when you called your phone, it is still worth texting it. The thieves may eventually change their mind and decide to return the phone to you, its owner.

Send a brief text that provides your contact information and asks for the phone to be returned. If you think it will help, you can also promise a reward to the individual if they return your phone.

To do this, you will need access to another smartphone. Ask a friend to borrow his. If you are not near a friend, a kind stranger may allow you to borrow their cell phone to text yours.

3.  Take safety measures if you meet to exchange the phone

If someone, whether or not it is the thief who initially took your phone, agrees to meet with you to give your phone back to you, take safety precautions. Arrange to meet with the individual in a public place, such as a city square or transit station and during daylight hours. If possible, don’t go alone; bring a friend with you for the sake of companionship and safety. Ask your friend to bring their phone, so that they can call the police if anything illicit happens.

Even if the individual returning your phone sounds friendly over the phone (or over text), you should still plan to take precautionary measures.

4. Block the SIM card

Most times, the SIM card is the first thing thieves get rid of when they steal your phone. Others do not bother to remove it but they won’t pick your calls. Since you are using your phone to perform all sorts of transactions, you should contact your service provider immediately to block it.

5.  Lock it

You can simply set up a password that will prevent others from using your phone. The code will be activated when an unauthorised person accesses it. In some cases, when you lock it, it will render the phone completely unusable.

6. Use your phone’s built-in features

There are phone features that you can activate to prepare your phone for any theft. On Android phones, you can use the Android Device Manger. You can access the manager online and it will help you locate your phone. On iOS, you have to set up ‘Find my phone’ feature. You can use it to find, text and wipe your device. You can do all these when the phone is switched on.

7. Insure your phone

For Nigerians who use expensive phones, they can insure it. The insurance firm will replace it. You don’t need to worry about your device being stolen. But that doesn’t mean you should be careless.

Source: Punch

School Teacher Donates Her Kidney To Save Student’s Life

Beth Battista, is a teacher at Kids Express Learning Center in Madison. She had heard of the plight of Lyla Carreyn, who has been on dialysis for 12 hours a day after being diagnosed in 2016 with microscopic polyangiitis (MPA), a rare autoimmune disorder.

Battista, 36, decided to get herself tested to see if she was a match. When doctors confirmed she indeed had the matching antibodies for Lyla, she decided to surprise Lyla’s mother, Dena Carreyn, with the news that she would be donating her kidney to her daughter.

Reports gathered showed that the transplant was successful and Preschool teacher Beth Battista and her student Lyla Carreyn, 5, are both recovering at a Madison hospital after a successful kidney transplant.

At Last: FUTO Students To Resume After Staying 3 Months at Home! (See the Resumption Date)

Next time FUTO students hear “pro” they will not “test” it.
The University Senate yesterday released a memo concerning the resumption date.

Save it.

Here is the resumption schedule

Year 1 ——- 8th May 2017

Year 2 – 3 —-15th May 2017

Year 4 – 5 —-15th May 2017.

With evidence of #12,500 as damage fees and a signed undertaking.
Exam is 3 weeks after resumption.
The break started since Feb. 17, 2017.

Drama as Corper who sought Photograph with Fayose gets Automatic employment!

Osamwonyi Bright Osas is a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration who is observing the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) programme at the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti.
Luck came his way as he encountered Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose when the came to Ikere Ekiti for on the spot assessment  of the third phase ongoing Ado/Ikere road dualization on Thursday 20th April, 2017.

Governor Fayose had finished the supervision and was on his way to his bus when Osas accosted him, “good afternoon Mr. Governor, I am a native of Edo, I relocated from Adamawa to Ekiti State because of my love for you, I follow everything you do religiously online, I love you so much and I pray God take you higher and higher. I graduated from UNIBEN with a first class in Political Science and Public Administration, one thing I pray thee Sir, please allow me snap with you Sir”, Osas who was in NYSC outfit begged.

Without blinking an eyelid, the governor obliged and photographers did the needful. Immediately after this, the unusual happened, “go to the provost tomorrow, tell her I asked her to give you automatic employment”, Mr. Fayose said.

Osas who was overwhelmed by the governor’s gesture went on his kneels in appreciation, thanking God and governor Fayose for the favour. Speaking with newsmen after the encounter, Osas said “I am overwhelmed seeing the governor of Ekiti State today, he’s an amiable leader and he is so down to service, when I was in school as an undergraduate I do read many of his speeches on what governance should be, on how to move Nigeria forward.

“I am in love with the fact that he’s fearless, he discharges his duties without fear or favour, that is one of the qualities I cherish in him. I learnt from him that for you to rule successfully, you must appreciate the common man, he is a very good friend of the masses, seeing him come so close to the people inspires me, I was just coming from my CDS now and I saw him here, I was so happy and I said I must see him before he leaves and that was why I accosted him.

“I just thanked God for what happened now and I pray God bless him abundantly. He has just called the provost that I should be retained, that I should be given automatic employment, permanent employment, he called the provost and the provost said first thing on Monday I should come with my CV. I just want to appreciate governor Fayose.”

[PHOTOS] Meet Jelani Aliyu, Designer Of The World’s Renowned Chevrolet Electric Car As He Gets Appointment From President Buhari

Jelani Aliyu, a Nigerian designer who designed a globally renowned electric car, the Chevrolet Volt was recently appointed by President Buhari as the director-general of the Nigerian Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC).

The Chevrolet Volt has been described as a modern day revolutionary product, one that would change the world.

As the head of the council, Aliyu, would be in charge of implementing new development policies for Nigeria’s automobile industry.

Here is a brief  biography on Aliyu.


Jelani Aliyu is a Muslim who was born in Kaduna, in 1966 to parents, Aliya Haidara and Sharifiya Aliyu, from Sokoto state. He is the fifth of seven children.


He attended Capital School, Sokoto from 1971 to 1978. In 1978, he gained admission into Federal Government College, Sokoto, and graduated in 1983 with an award as best in Technical Drawing. Aliyu went to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, for his A-levels. He later dropped out and enrolled in the Birnin Kebbi Polythechnic in Kebbi state, where he graduated as the best all-round student and earned a degree in Architecture.

Like every genius, Aliyu wanted to learn more so in 1990, he went ahead to study Transportation Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He was able to further his education in Detroit on a Sokoto state government scholarship and he graduated in 1994.


After graduation, he was immediately noticed by an American multinational corporation that designs and markets vehicles, General Motors. GM vehicles are sold under various brands such as, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Holden and many more. He began his career as a design staff at General Motors in 1994 and he has been with GM since then. Jelani Aliyu is considered by many as the super star of the General Motors renaissance.

Five Things You Shouldn’t do with a Laptop

Almost everyone may have caught himself or herself doing one of the things being described in the following lines. You should avoid these situations whenever possible. It is mostly bad for your laptop, but it can be bad for your health, too.

1. Drinking While Working on the Laptop

Laptop users must have all done this at least once, but why should you avoid doing this? Simple. You will put your cup next to the laptop, dig deep in your work or thought, then your phone rings or someone calls your name and you suddenly move, and one moment later, the content of your cup will find its way to your keyboard. When this happens, the next step will be to take your laptop for repair, thereby wasting a substantial amount of money.

2. Leaving your laptop in a car

Whether it is in the hot or dry season, your car is just not a place you should leave a laptop in, not because there is a risk of a robbery, but because of ‘car temperature’. If it is on a hot day, the temperature in your car may rise up to 70 degrees centigrade. This will cause the laptop case to melt. On the other side, if it is a cold day with temperature about 15 or 20 degrees below zero, there is a good chance of your monitor cracking. So you should be very careful about leaving your laptop in a car. Fixing a monitor is expensive, and sometimes it is just cheaper to buy new laptop.

3. Don’t leave CD/DVD in drive while carrying laptop

As we all know, a laptop is meant to be carried around in a bag or something similar. While carrying a laptop, there is always the possibility that you will kick it, tumble it, and if there is a CD or DVD in the drive, it can get jammed, and you will have to fix it with so much money. It is not very expensive to do this, but why take a chance. It is not so hard to take the disk out of the drive, is it?

4. Be cautious while cleaning your screen

Don’t use chemical cleaners like window cleaners. Soaked rag will do the trick. If you have to use chemical cleaner, don’t spray it over a screen. Spray it on a rag, and then clean.

5. Don’t keep a laptop on your lap

Although its name suggests it belongs in your lap, but that is actually the last place you should keep it. There are two good reasons for this.

First: If you are planning to have children, often using your laptop this way may reduce your chances of making your plan a reality. Besides, some say it can cause cancer. When on your body, electromagnetic field of the laptop can get four times stronger than that of the smartphone and equal to the EMF of a power line of 230 kilovolts from 15 metres away.

Second: If you are not so interested in your own health, using a laptop this way can be harmful for your laptop, too. Holding a laptop in your lap simply means preventing it from cooling. For the same reason, it is not recommended to keep a laptop on your bed, not only because of cooling problems, but there is also a dust issue.

Nigerian students shine at UCMAS competition in Ghana

FOUR Nigerian students, Chidiuto Nicole Okorie, Netochukwu Mba Linus, Mgbobukwa Amarachi and Elangwe Oreoluwa and also basic six pupils of St. Leo’s Catholic Private School, Ikeja, Lagos, had been crowned winners over their counterparts from Ghana in the UCMAS mental arithmetic competition in Accra, Ghana.

The UCMAS Nigeria quartet all aged nine, emerged winners after answering with speed and accuracy, 100 mental arithmetic questions within eight minutes. Speaking to journalists at the unveiling of the Nigeria representatives, the Country Manager, UCMAS Nigeria, Mr. Emmanuel Alade, advised all parents not to lose hope in their children but to enroll them on the UCMAS whole brain development program in order to help discover the genius within them. He said: “when both the right and left hemispheres of the brain are developed, the genius within a child is discovered.”

He also called on corporate organisations and philanthropists to partner and support the course of UCMAS Nigeria by sponsoring students from Nigeria for the UCMAS 2017 international competition to be held in December in Bali, Indonesia.

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) Nigeria is a professional educational organisation known for its unique methodologies of stimulating and challenging the brain neurones of children, develops both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, thereby enhancing their concentration, imagination, logical reasoning, mental arithmetic skills, speed and accuracy, photographic memory, listening skills, comprehension, creativity, visualization and memorization skills.

UCMAS also helps to reduce gadget dependency in children with effects of all round academic proficiency, international exposure and certification. After going through the UCMAS program, a child needs no gadget to do mental arithmetic from Single and double digits of about 10rows to 100 rows involving all operations.

Source: Vanguard

Top Reasons Why Students Fail in School (and How to avoid them)

There is a saying that “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”. More often than not, at the end of every semester, students often complain about their grades, some even cry because of carryover in some courses. In this piece, I am going to discuss top reasons why students fail in their exams or perform below expectation.

Outstanding academic performance is not a trait, it is not inherited either. An African proverb says “practice makes perfect and practice is the father of preparation”. Without further ado, it would be deduced from the proverb that students fail in the Higher Institution because of lack of preparation. Preparation is the father of excellence. Lack of preparation is the product of the points listed below.

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Firstly, Statistics has it that 75% of students fail because of failure to study hard. Students, most especially first year students tend to forget about what brought them to the higher institution. They party away all their time and hardly have time to read or study their books. Some students read just 24 hours to their semester exam. At the end of the semester, they tend to weep as some of them are either withdrawn or asked to repeat.
In the same vein, I am yet to find a farmer that goes to the farm without working tools or a market woman that goes to the market without goods or money. In the name of fresh dude and classic babes, out students also fail in buying the prescribed textbooks and following the course outline properly. They spend the textbook/material money on irrelevant things like expensive smart phones and gadgets.

Assignment and Class work is also part of the academic assessment. Our students also fail in doing class work and assignments. They often ask questions like “Who Assignment Epp?”, “Who class work Epp?” Well, I think I have the answer to their questions. The answer is “FAILURE” in capital letters. And because of low turn up in the Assignment/Class work submission, some lecturers tend to convert the Assignment/Class work to continuous assessment. Mr. Who-Assignment-Epp, remember that Continuous Assessment (CA) is 40% of the semester score.

Similarly, student should note that class attendance is now taken seriously in higher institution. Our so called Campus fresh dudes and dope babes also fail in attending classes. The annoying thing is they would watch the latest series film from morning till night and they also ask questions like “Who Class Epp?”, “Lecturer don baff?” Mr. Who-Class-Epp, remember that if you don’t make 75% attendance, you will not be allowed to write exams. Even when you write the exam, against all odds, your answer sheet will not be marked or scored. When the result is finally released, the lecturer will tell you “Congratulations Mr. Who-Class-Epp, you have excellently failed.

Finally, most of our students also fail because of the attitude in class. Some are branded perpetual noise makers by the lecturers, others agents of disturbance. They make the class uncomfortable with all form of disruptions. It’s only the attentive ones that benefits from the class. During this period, the lecturer gives top and deep exam related questions to punish the Hell branded-Perpetual Noise Makers. Be guided, life is too short for social network likes and comments. Change your ways and shine on. Scholars are made and not born.


At BAGIT, we don’t want YOU to fail.

This post is for YOU: Top 8 Secrets of Making Straight A’s in Any Course!

See How To Check If Your National I.D. Card Is Ready For Pick Up

It is possible that your national identity card is ready, but you do not know it. According to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), if you registered for the national ID card a long time ago, then you can check if it is ready online.

There is now an online platform where you can check the status of your identity card using the following simple steps:

1. Visit NIMC center: https://touch.nimc.gov.ng/

2. Then click the proceed button

3. Now, fill in your first name, last name and your National Identification Number and hit the ‘check now button’.


Recently, a NIMC representative described the advantages of the new national identity card. Apart from many other things, it may also be used as an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card anywhere in the world where there is MasterCard logo. 

Briefing journalists  in Abuja, NIMC’s Director of Technical Services, Mr Emmanuel Ogungbe disclosed the Commission have already signed an agreement with MasterCard. He explained that, besides being just an ID card, it is also a cash card, so the holder can withdraw money in any place. Moreover, especially within the West African sub-region, it soon would become possible to travel with this card only, passport-free.

Source: NAIJ

Touching Story: See How This Nigerian Lady Graduates With First Class in Law at University of Burkhingam (Photos)

Susan Diden, is a brilliant and motivated young Nigerian woman from Sapele, Delta state and she is the subject of this story, because she did something remarkable. She graduated with a first class degree in law from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. She was also awarded prize for The Best Performance in Medical Law and Ethics and Joint prize for Best Performance in LLM 2016 Examination. Who is she, how did she achieve this and what was her motivation?  When asked why she chose to study law in the UK, Susan said: “Firstly, it was because of the duration of study. Also it is a common law jurisdiction like Nigeria, which gives me the opportunity to go straight to Nigeria law school with relevant understanding of both Nigeria and UK law practices.”

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She went on to explain that the shorter duration in the UK of about three years as opposed to the five years in Nigeria, made the former an obvious choice for her. Speaking on how she was able to do it, she says: “Hard work, availability of research and study materials and a lot of tutorials helped me. “I did my masters for 9 months and my LLB for 2 years, with the intensity of the course and the work load it required me to study at all times day and night, I had to give up outing during my masters just to focus and keep at it.” Cutting down on her social activities to focus on academics surely wasn’t easy by Ms. Diden was motivated and she explains what motivated her.

“Self satisfaction was my major motivation. About 3 years ago I started seeing myself in light of being the head, so I set out to be that. I also wanted to put my parents resources to full use. “I think my belief in the word of God written about me and the need to prove to myself that I can do and be anything I set my heart to be pushed me and kept me going. That’s about it,” she said. If you did not study law and could do any other thing, what would you have done? Was one of the questions we asked her. To which she replied without hesitation: “Theatre arts.” When asked if she would still pursue a career in theatre arts, the lady from Sapele said: “No I won’t, law has captured my heart so much so that I’m excited to be going to law school.”

She will be resuming law school in June, 2017 and is quite excited about it as she told us. She also said that she wished she had started believing in herself earlier in life than she did and this is what she has learned from life so far: “Trust my dreams and pursue them with courage no matter the odds. It’s like magic, trust me once you believe, the strength to accomplish it is released and fueled by your belief, ” she says, sounding like a motivational speaker.

She wants to be the greatest lawyer in her field and she looks up to the Minister of Justice, because she is aspiring to become one.

We wish her all the best in all her endeavors. Meanwhile, in 2014, Ubani Obinna Ranks made history as the third student to graduate with a first class degree from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University popularly called UNIZIK by Nigerian students.

Source: NAIJ

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