At BAGIT, we are committed to ameliorating learning towards making better students who will in turn demonstrate this impact in their academic performance.
We discovered the social media to be a very strong distraction tool in this 21st century, we seek to change it to a learning tool! Yes, we use the social media to our academic advantage through our various programmes:
1. BAGIT E-Resources: We make course materials (including past questions) available in electronic formats on our blog site http://www.bagitds.wordpress.com

2. BAGIT Tutors: A Youtube Channel where we invite the best tutors to teach the seemingly tough topics while we record for viewers on Youtube so students can learn!

3. BAGIT Interviews: Meet your lecturers! We bring lecturers to the students to facilitate learning!

4. BAGIT Events: We cover educative events within the school so our readers can learn.

5. Face of BAGIT: Student of the week, showcasing the best students in the school to the world!

6. Academic Success Tips: We want our readers to Bag A’s, Bag First Class, Bag Excellence!


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