It is time to forget Everything you know About Learning!
The age is different, so should be our approach to learning.

I introduce to you an organization that will change the face of learning in AAUA: BAGIT Digital Solutions

BAGIT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is a voluntary, non governmental organization made up of students (of AAUA) who are volunteering to add value in their academic environment.

Our desire is to make learning as fun as possible for YOU and over 15,000 other AAUITES!How do we Do this? We use the social media, internet and other digital tools to our advantage through our Various programmes:

  1. BAGIT E-Resources
  2. BAGIT (YouTube) Tutorials
  3. BAGIT Events
  4. BAGIT Interviews and
  5. Face of BAGIT

Learn more about these programmes by clicking This Link

As part of our pre-Launch campaign, we are seeking VOLUNTEERS to join us in carrying out this God-given vision.

You can Volunteer as:

  1. BAGIT Writer
  2. BAGIT Tutor
  3. BAGIT Interview Anchor
  4. BAGIT Photo/Videographer
  5. Material Converters (From Hard to soft copies)

Learn more about these roles Here

If you’re an AAUITE and you’re seeking to make a difference, this is a platform designed just for YOU!…

If you want to be part of this revolutionary move in AAUA? Hurry Up Now …Join other amazing AAUITES that has volunteered!
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We look forward to having you join us
Best Regards,
From all amazing volunteers @ BAGIT Digital Solutions
…Where learning is digitizingly fun!…