BAGIT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is a voluntary, nongovernmental organization comprised of a team of students who are volunteering to add value in their academic environment. We are driven by a strong desire and passion to see an improvement in the academic, social, moral  and ethical performance of AAUA students which will in turn glorify the reference citadel of learning.

We have discovered the internet, social media and other networking platforms (as good as they are), to be strong distraction agents for students in this century, if we must revamp this situation, then we must look for a way to make these digital tools aids to learning, used for the academic advantage of students; this, among others, is what BAGIT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS intends to do through our various programmes :

  • BAGIT E-RESOURCES: we make all course materials in downloadable e-book format. This act is in line with the SDG goal “Reduced Paperwork”to save our trees in the forest which will in turn save our environment. It also save many students the cost of making photocopies.
  • BAGIT Tutorials: we develop the talented students by giving them a platform to teach the tough topics (offline) while we shoot for students to watch on BAGIT Youtube channel.
  • BAGIT Interviews: we want our readers to learn from the experiences and wealth of knowledge of their lecturers and other important personalities within and outside AAUA whose life can positively influence us.
  • BAGIT Events: where we cover educative events within the school (in words and pictures) and publish them on this online platform so our readers can benefit from such events.
  • Face of BAGIT: we celebrate the best students on BAGIT website to encourage them and positively challenge others academically.

Having stated these, we believe that Project BAGIT is a big vision which, if given the adequate support, will revolutionize learning in AAUA and performance of AAUA students which will ultimately propel the citadel of learning forward. For us to achieve this however, we need your support in every sense of the word.

To find out what you can do to support us in carrying out this vision, please click this link.

Thank you.


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