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Seven signs your social media account has been hacked

It is no gainsaying that social 

media is now an important feature in our lives. 

Almosteveryone uses it, from celebrities to inuencers, businesses, news platforms and marketers.
Some persons have even leveraged it to make money. So, it is important for your differentsocial media accounts to be secured. Regardless of this, since you are online, and thereare hackers prowling for accounts to hack, you have to be observant to know if youraccounts have been illegally accessed or not.

In line with this, here are seven signs your social media account has been hacked.

  • You are unable to log into your accounts

This is an obvious sign that hackers may have hijacked your account. You have triedseveral passwords but you 

are still locked out of your account. Even the change password option is not working.

 It must have been a very sophisticated hack. The only way you can have your account back is to contact Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

  • Status not updated by you

This is perhaps the simplest way to know if your social media account has been hacked.You will see tweets or posts you didn’t share appearing on your timeline. It may bepolitical or propagandist messages. You should immediately change your password.

  • Your number of followers signicantly Jumps

You only have 300 followers on 

either your Instagram or Twitter page. Then you suddenly notice that it jumped to like 2,000 or 3,000. It is strange right and you never followedanyone. In fact, Instagram or Twitter will not allow you to garner 2,000 or 3,000 followers a day. If this is the case, it is highly possible that your account has been hacked.

  • Someone logged into your account from an unusual location

Sometimes, you may add the wrong location for reasons best known to you. However, if you see a location you never added, it is an alert that someone is illegally accessing your account from that location.

You may want to do some check to be sure you were not theone that changed it.

  • You cannot find all your posts

All your posts for years have grown wings and own away. 

You cannot find them. 

You search and search but you still cannot find them.

You log in and log out but its still the same thing. It is advisable you change your password or you have to deactivate that account and open a new one.

  • Too many ‘spammy’ ads on your page

This mainly applies to Facebook. A seemingly interesting post is 

recommended to you to read. If you click it, you have opened the oodgate to spammy ads. 

That click will allow hackers to access your account.

  • Your cover image has been replaced

If your cover image has been replaced with a naked woman or any other nasty picture or photo, it means someone is attempting to frame you or in the process of usurping 

your account.  You should look out for this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I hope this helps!
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Facebook Developing Keyboardless Typing Directly From Human Brain (Photo)

– FaceBook  says it is developing an input method that will make users type directly from their phone

– Facebook has more than 60 scientists and engineers working on the new keyboardless typing method

– The input method could, for example, allow users to send a text message or email to a friend without taking out a smartphone to type 

Facebook is working to create a data input method that doesn’t rely on a keyboard, but instead allows the user to type directly from the brain, the company said at its two-day developers conference in San Jose, California.

“In a few years’ time we expect to demonstrate a real-time silent speech system capable of delivering 100 words per minute,” or about five-times faster than a person can type with a smartphone, said vice president of engineering Regina Dugan on the second day of the conference.

Dugan also heads Facebook’s hardware research unit known as Building eight, which has more than 60 scientists and engineers working on the new keyboardless typing method.

The input method could, for example, allow users to send a text message or email to a friend without taking out a smartphone to type.

Dugan also tried to calm consumers at the conference, saying the California-based social media giant isn’t interested in detecting a person’s thoughts, but only what the person intends to type.

“We’re not talking about decoding your random thoughts. That might be more than any of us care to know,” she said.

Dugan referred to research at Stanford University, which has allowed a paralysed woman to type at about eight words per minute directly from her brain.

But the current method requires invasive surgery in which an array of electrodes is implanted to receive data where the brain would normally control the person’s motor functions.

While the company may need years to produce a mass-scale device, any advances in the research have potential to be a huge breakthrough in human communications, Dugan said.

“Even something as simple as a yes-no brain click would fundamentally change our capability.”

Source: NAIJ

Five Things You Shouldn’t do with a Laptop

Almost everyone may have caught himself or herself doing one of the things being described in the following lines. You should avoid these situations whenever possible. It is mostly bad for your laptop, but it can be bad for your health, too.

1. Drinking While Working on the Laptop

Laptop users must have all done this at least once, but why should you avoid doing this? Simple. You will put your cup next to the laptop, dig deep in your work or thought, then your phone rings or someone calls your name and you suddenly move, and one moment later, the content of your cup will find its way to your keyboard. When this happens, the next step will be to take your laptop for repair, thereby wasting a substantial amount of money.

2. Leaving your laptop in a car

Whether it is in the hot or dry season, your car is just not a place you should leave a laptop in, not because there is a risk of a robbery, but because of ‘car temperature’. If it is on a hot day, the temperature in your car may rise up to 70 degrees centigrade. This will cause the laptop case to melt. On the other side, if it is a cold day with temperature about 15 or 20 degrees below zero, there is a good chance of your monitor cracking. So you should be very careful about leaving your laptop in a car. Fixing a monitor is expensive, and sometimes it is just cheaper to buy new laptop.

3. Don’t leave CD/DVD in drive while carrying laptop

As we all know, a laptop is meant to be carried around in a bag or something similar. While carrying a laptop, there is always the possibility that you will kick it, tumble it, and if there is a CD or DVD in the drive, it can get jammed, and you will have to fix it with so much money. It is not very expensive to do this, but why take a chance. It is not so hard to take the disk out of the drive, is it?

4. Be cautious while cleaning your screen

Don’t use chemical cleaners like window cleaners. Soaked rag will do the trick. If you have to use chemical cleaner, don’t spray it over a screen. Spray it on a rag, and then clean.

5. Don’t keep a laptop on your lap

Although its name suggests it belongs in your lap, but that is actually the last place you should keep it. There are two good reasons for this.

First: If you are planning to have children, often using your laptop this way may reduce your chances of making your plan a reality. Besides, some say it can cause cancer. When on your body, electromagnetic field of the laptop can get four times stronger than that of the smartphone and equal to the EMF of a power line of 230 kilovolts from 15 metres away.

Second: If you are not so interested in your own health, using a laptop this way can be harmful for your laptop, too. Holding a laptop in your lap simply means preventing it from cooling. For the same reason, it is not recommended to keep a laptop on your bed, not only because of cooling problems, but there is also a dust issue.