A 21st Century Approach to Learning in AAUA (Must Read)

How would you feel as a student, if you can have all of your lecture notes as E-books on your smartphone, tablet, Ipad or Laptop?

What difference would it make in your academic performance if you can read your lecture notes and learn on the go?

BAGIT is growing to become a hub for academic e-books For Teaching, Learning, Research and as Useful information to kickstart your business in the fields we cover.

At BAGIT, we’re committed to “making learning as fun as possible through digitization and socialization”

 Our E-Resource Centre is Loaded with academic E-books for YOUR use.
Up till now, students from Faculty of Agriculture, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State had been enjoying this service…for FREE!
We are expanding our reach, we’re interested in YOUR Faculty too!
We can make your course materials and lecture notes (Hard copies) available in downloadable E-book format too!

Become an ambassador for change in your faculty!

You can volunteer to Join #teamBAGIT: Click Here to Sign Up

If you would like #teamBAGIT to make your faculty lecture notes available in downloadable E-book format, Send us a message:

GEB: +2348101190120, +2348037067927 (WhatsApp)

Ifeoluwa: +2348164322096
BAGIT Digital Solutions… where learning is digitizingly fun!


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