Dear Undergraduates,  5 Things You Can Engage In During Your Service Year

The National youth service year is a period of selfless service to your “fatherland”. It was founded with the aim to inculcate in Nigerian youths the spirit of selfless service to the community and promote oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians irrespective of their ethnic group, cultural or social background.

This period as it is may be quite “boring”. You might even see it as time wasting if you don’t probably engage yourself in profitable and measurable things.

Here are little tips of what you can engage in during service year such that it will be fun filled and interesting.

Go through this piece and thank me later!!

1. Acquire Vocational Skills: 

The service year is a period where you can be a boss of your own and be self-employed. Gains skills like fashion designing, catering, cosmetology and much more depending on whatever you are interested in. Enroll for Skill Acquisition And Entrepreneurial Development (SAED) programs.

2. Get Professional Certification : 

You don’t need to depend on your BSc or HND certificate only. The workplace is changing drastically. “You need to give them what they want before you can get whatever you need”. Get an affordable and accessible platform to run professional courses so you can be employable at the end of your service year. QUALIFY can give you all it take to get Qualified for any job position you are seeking.

3. Engage In Retail Businesses: 

During the period when you are serving your fatherland, you can as well serve yourself by engaging yourself in a small business that will at least fetch you income rather than depending on the allowance from the federal government or state.

4. Get A Place Of Secondary Assignment : 

Asides from your place of primary assignment (PPA), you can devote yourself to other activities, you can get a place of secondary assignment where you seek a part time job or work during the weekend.

5. Become a WhistleBlower: 

The Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) whistleblowing programme is designed to encourage anyone with information about a violation of financial regulations, mismanagement of public funds and assets, financial malpractice, fraud, and theft to report it. As awkward as it may seem, a youth corp member could be a perfect whistleblower. If you notice any financial dealings at your PPA or anywhere around you, all you need do is to head over to the FMF-Whistleblowing online portal to submit your tip. A Whistleblower is entitled to anywhere between 2.5%-5.0% of the amount recovered. The best part is, every whistleblower is entitled to protection; no one will know you submitted the tip! That looks like a lucrative business isn’t it? You don’t even need a capital!

I hope you can find this piece helpful, as the saying goes, “ An Idle Hand is The Devil’s workshop”.

Here is wishing you a great service year experience.

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