Unbelievable! 18-Year-Old Boy Gets N200Million Funding For Agricultural Business (How he did it will shock you!)


This boy will go places. A month ago, I came across a post talking about one young boy named Samuel Robinson posted a daring tweet that said 

Who has 20 million Naira burning a hole in their pocket, give me and I will return 1billion in 2years”

I started following the guy on social media and Day before yesterday he posted that he was meeting with two billionaires yesterday and asked us to pray for him.

Well yesterday he just posted that he has gotten a commitment of 200million Naira!!! 200 freaking million Naira!!!

The writer of the post I saw was saying that this boy is Nigeria’s black Bill Gates in the making and that if he had the discipline to learn Spanish, French and German then he might be on to something. I think he was right! Because if at age 18, he is already doing this, what will he be doing when he is 30? I laughed before and doubted that this boy could get 20 million naira, not to talk of 200 million naira.

Well he has done it!!! He has freaking done it…  How the hell was he able to get two billionaires to meet him?!!! I have to say, I am amazed.

See what he posted on instagram and twitter below. His handle is samuelrobinsonx on both twitter and Instagram

Just imagine if every young person was thinking like this, wouldn’t Nigeria be as advanced as China or US by now. I’m inspired!


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