Unbelievable! What these Secondary School Students Did Will Surprise You!

Two secondary school girls just raised 1.7m for another school

They found a small problem in another school, and they made a monumental change.

Two students raised money to build toilets for another school in their community.

The one thing we must always do to incredible stories, is to tell them and then inspire others to action. Samantha Chiazor and Aisha Mohammed, are senior secondary school students of Corona Secondary School, Agbara.

They collaborated to raise an incredible N1.7 million, but what they did with that money was even more amazing. They built a toilet for a public school in their community.

Adie-Owe Community High School, Agbara, Ogun State, has a toilet problem, so these two girls threw all the raised funds into building one for them.

The money raised was used in constructing a facility of six toilets. The Ogun State Commissioner of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Modupe Mujuota, sent a representative, Mr. Olalekan Adeleke, for the commissioning of the project, of course. It took three months to complete.

But what inspired them?

Chiazor came up with the initiative, so while speaking at the commissioning, she shared what inspired her. According to her, she and some of her school mates went for a course in Harvard where they were thought to always give back to the community.

According to her, they visited the school “to paint the classrooms”. It was after asking students of the school what their biggest challenge was that many of them said they wanted better toilets.

Chiazor said, “the toilet they had was a hole in the ground. I had never seen such before and thought it was not how a child should learn”.

She also said:

“I partnered with my friend, Aisha Mohammed and we spoke to the principal about our plans. We organised film shows at nights to raise money. We had a programme called Mufti Day, where interested pupils wore mufti to school instead of uniforms and paid us. I made T-shirts and sold them. I also sold three of my puppies to raise fund for the project.”

She thanked her parents who she said provided the chunk of the money as a gift for her 16th birthday.

Aisha said this had to be done because a good learning environment was vital for mental, psychological and moral development of students.

Mr. Olalekan Adeleke said:

“On behalf of the state government, we appreciate the donors for their thoughtful deeds.”

He said the regular stuff people say at commissions; stuff about stakeholders, and community development.

The deeds of Chiazor and Aisha will not be forgotten any time soon though.

 Source: Pulse

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