OMG! This Undergraduate was Accused of Stealing (and She Did This)_(Photo)

– 100 level student of Unilag killed herself

– The young lady, a student of faculty of Administration was accused of stealing a make-up box

– She reportedly drank the popular insecticide, Sniper which ends her life Ayomide Ariyibi, 100 level student of department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management, killed herself over allegations that she stole.

A make-up box valued at N2000 went missing in Ariyibi’s hostel room and a search party traced the missing property to her bag. According to a report by a mate, a roommate of Ariyibi cried out over missing clothes and make-up on Thursday, April 27, and a search party decided to check all roommates belongings. The missing clothes and Make-up where discovered in bags belonging to Ariyibi, which made the roommates to drag her out and publicly embarrassed her.

Ariyibi’s mother was called and she came over on Friday, April 28 to settle the quarrel between the girls. She paid the sum of N2000 which the stolen make-up reportedly cost. After that, her mum reportedly ordered her to pack her bags and follow her home which she did but as she was going d room mates shouted on her and called her so many names.

After following her mother home, Ariyibi reportedly drank Sniper while her mother returned to work and help didn’t come for her until her mother returns in the evening to discover that she had ingested the poison. She was reportedly given palm oil and rushed to a medical centre in Ebute Meta, Lagos, where she was referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Ariyibi gave up ghost at about 7pm on Friday at the hospital.

Source: NAIJ


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