Naija React: See What Nigerians Are Saying About Suspended Covenant Varsity Students!

Several Nigerians have condemned the suspension of students of Covenant University, Sango-Ota, Ogun State for not attending the Easter Youth Alive Programme recently organised by the faith-based institution.

This is even as the university stressed that the need to build total students informed its discipline culture.

The concerned people have asked the university to rescind the decision and recall the students who have been sent home.

According to them, university education, whether in a faith-based or secular institutions, should allow freedom of worship and expression.

An economist, Mr. El Khalil ,  warned that if  the punishment was allowed to take effect, those affected might never recover from the psychological and emotional impact of the action.

He said, “Yes, there are rules governing Covenant University, but there is also the existence of the rule of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which guarantees freedom of worship. The nation’s rules are more superior to the extant rules of Covenant University.

“I think it’s high time parents of  these students challenged the excesses of this institution  in court.”

Meanwhile,  although efforts to speak with the university’s Public Relations Officer on whether or not the school will reconsider its stance, it stressed on its website that the vision it had for students made it imperative for it to pursue discipline vigorously.

It stated on its Students Affairs section of its website, “The high demand placed on discipline as a fundamental requirement for making a total graduate as embedded in the core values of Covenant University makes it imperative to pursue it with the required doggedness.”

Source: Vanguard


2 thoughts on “Naija React: See What Nigerians Are Saying About Suspended Covenant Varsity Students!”

  1. the punishment should not be revoked bcos our institution gives a degree for character and learning.if student can not up hold rules while in school they will do same outside.they know the rules of the school before enrolling


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