Every Students Needs to See This: Learn This Fact Now!

“There’s nothing waiting for you when you finish school (Gbam!)”

Your teachers in secondary school told you that secondary school was the hardest part, and tertiary education was easy.

If you’re currently reading this, you know they lied.

There are more assignments, you have to pay for handouts. Your classrooms are bigger, and rowdier. A lecturer is trying to sleep with you, or failing you because you’re being too cosy with someone they are trying to sleep with.

You go to class every day wondering how the jargon you get taught is going to make your life better.

A time will come when you will graduate, hopefully. You’ll be glad to graduate without an extra year.

When it’s time for NYSC, you’ll manage to get into camp, along with 90,000 other graduates from institutions all over Nigeria in your batch alone. Hopefully, the government will be able to afford NYSC. If you’re lucky or connected, you’ll get posted to major cities like Lagos, Abuja, or even Port Harcourt.

If you’re not, you might get stuck in a village somewhere. It’s okay. You’ll love the peace of mind it will give you. Enjoy it. It might be the last time you get to not worry much.

It’ll take a year, and in that time, you’ll find crushes, find new passions, re-evaluate your life and everything else it is that young people do when they have time on their hands.

You’ll pass out. Again, with about 90,000 other people. Now, you’ll begin to search for a job. You’ll find ways make your CV look excellent. There’s a sad reality you should know.

No formatting of your CV will make up for all the 5+ years job experience that many companies are looking for. You try everything and start to wonder whether it was someone you offended that’s making it hard for you to find a job.


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