Top Reasons Why Students Fail in School (and How to avoid them)

There is a saying that “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”. More often than not, at the end of every semester, students often complain about their grades, some even cry because of carryover in some courses. In this piece, I am going to discuss top reasons why students fail in their exams or perform below expectation.

Outstanding academic performance is not a trait, it is not inherited either. An African proverb says “practice makes perfect and practice is the father of preparation”. Without further ado, it would be deduced from the proverb that students fail in the Higher Institution because of lack of preparation. Preparation is the father of excellence. Lack of preparation is the product of the points listed below.

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Firstly, Statistics has it that 75% of students fail because of failure to study hard. Students, most especially first year students tend to forget about what brought them to the higher institution. They party away all their time and hardly have time to read or study their books. Some students read just 24 hours to their semester exam. At the end of the semester, they tend to weep as some of them are either withdrawn or asked to repeat.
In the same vein, I am yet to find a farmer that goes to the farm without working tools or a market woman that goes to the market without goods or money. In the name of fresh dude and classic babes, out students also fail in buying the prescribed textbooks and following the course outline properly. They spend the textbook/material money on irrelevant things like expensive smart phones and gadgets.

Assignment and Class work is also part of the academic assessment. Our students also fail in doing class work and assignments. They often ask questions like “Who Assignment Epp?”, “Who class work Epp?” Well, I think I have the answer to their questions. The answer is “FAILURE” in capital letters. And because of low turn up in the Assignment/Class work submission, some lecturers tend to convert the Assignment/Class work to continuous assessment. Mr. Who-Assignment-Epp, remember that Continuous Assessment (CA) is 40% of the semester score.

Similarly, student should note that class attendance is now taken seriously in higher institution. Our so called Campus fresh dudes and dope babes also fail in attending classes. The annoying thing is they would watch the latest series film from morning till night and they also ask questions like “Who Class Epp?”, “Lecturer don baff?” Mr. Who-Class-Epp, remember that if you don’t make 75% attendance, you will not be allowed to write exams. Even when you write the exam, against all odds, your answer sheet will not be marked or scored. When the result is finally released, the lecturer will tell you “Congratulations Mr. Who-Class-Epp, you have excellently failed.

Finally, most of our students also fail because of the attitude in class. Some are branded perpetual noise makers by the lecturers, others agents of disturbance. They make the class uncomfortable with all form of disruptions. It’s only the attentive ones that benefits from the class. During this period, the lecturer gives top and deep exam related questions to punish the Hell branded-Perpetual Noise Makers. Be guided, life is too short for social network likes and comments. Change your ways and shine on. Scholars are made and not born.


At BAGIT, we don’t want YOU to fail.

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