Touching Story: See How This Nigerian Lady Graduates With First Class in Law at University of Burkhingam (Photos)

Susan Diden, is a brilliant and motivated young Nigerian woman from Sapele, Delta state and she is the subject of this story, because she did something remarkable. She graduated with a first class degree in law from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. She was also awarded prize for The Best Performance in Medical Law and Ethics and Joint prize for Best Performance in LLM 2016 Examination. Who is she, how did she achieve this and what was her motivation?  When asked why she chose to study law in the UK, Susan said: “Firstly, it was because of the duration of study. Also it is a common law jurisdiction like Nigeria, which gives me the opportunity to go straight to Nigeria law school with relevant understanding of both Nigeria and UK law practices.”

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She went on to explain that the shorter duration in the UK of about three years as opposed to the five years in Nigeria, made the former an obvious choice for her. Speaking on how she was able to do it, she says: “Hard work, availability of research and study materials and a lot of tutorials helped me. “I did my masters for 9 months and my LLB for 2 years, with the intensity of the course and the work load it required me to study at all times day and night, I had to give up outing during my masters just to focus and keep at it.” Cutting down on her social activities to focus on academics surely wasn’t easy by Ms. Diden was motivated and she explains what motivated her.

“Self satisfaction was my major motivation. About 3 years ago I started seeing myself in light of being the head, so I set out to be that. I also wanted to put my parents resources to full use. “I think my belief in the word of God written about me and the need to prove to myself that I can do and be anything I set my heart to be pushed me and kept me going. That’s about it,” she said. If you did not study law and could do any other thing, what would you have done? Was one of the questions we asked her. To which she replied without hesitation: “Theatre arts.” When asked if she would still pursue a career in theatre arts, the lady from Sapele said: “No I won’t, law has captured my heart so much so that I’m excited to be going to law school.”

She will be resuming law school in June, 2017 and is quite excited about it as she told us. She also said that she wished she had started believing in herself earlier in life than she did and this is what she has learned from life so far: “Trust my dreams and pursue them with courage no matter the odds. It’s like magic, trust me once you believe, the strength to accomplish it is released and fueled by your belief, ” she says, sounding like a motivational speaker.

She wants to be the greatest lawyer in her field and she looks up to the Minister of Justice, because she is aspiring to become one.

We wish her all the best in all her endeavors. Meanwhile, in 2014, Ubani Obinna Ranks made history as the third student to graduate with a first class degree from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University popularly called UNIZIK by Nigerian students.

Source: NAIJ


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