Course Details

Course Title: Introduction to Agricultural Economics

Course Code: AGE 201

Course Unit: 2 units

Status: Compulsory

Lecturer-in-Charge:  Mr Edamisan Ikuomenisan

Course Content

  1. The nature of economics and economic problems; scope and method
  2. Price theory and Functions of the market with particular reference to agriculture
  3. the concept of opportunity cost
  4. Supply and Demand and their application to agricultural problems
  5. Production functions
  6. Cost analysis and Functions
  7. Concept of Elasticities
  8. Type of Markets: perfect competition, oligopoly, monopoly etc.
  9. Price theory and some applications
  10. Theory of distribution and
  11. The components of Agriculture in National income

The course is a very interesting one. Be sure to attend all the lectures because it gets technical.

#TeamBAGITwishes you all the best in the course!

Download the course material below

AGE 201





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